Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Phases of EC

I saw these phases for EC and I think it's an interesting way to say when your little one becomes a "graduate". It's not a one stop thing--these phases allow you to feel successful even before they can wipe themselves and I like that. :)

Phase 1: Staying dry reliably with mom's help
Phase 2: Signaling rather consistently, needing occasional reminders
Phase 3: Independence in going potty
Phase 4: Self sufficient, including wiping

I think we are probably around Phase 2. Charlie has been very dry reliably for a few weeks now, but he occasionally has misses. He is also signaling quite a bit by getting extremely fussy when he has to go(I wish he would say or sign "potty" though!)

Yesterday we had a playdate here with another mom and baby, and Charlie started getting SO cranky. He crawled to his bedroom door so I assumed he was sleepy. I got him his blankie and he still was crying. So I said "Do you have to go potty?" and he stopped crying, so I took him to the bathroom, and he peed! Today he did the same thing while we were eating lunch, and he peed and pooed.

I keep saying it, but we need to just stop using Pullups except for nap and night. He does so much better when he's wearing training pants, and if he misses, he does better signaling the next time he has to go. I just have to dive in and not look back! :)

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